Nokia C5 belongs to the old class of the phones produced by Nokia. On one hand, it is introducing super phones like Nokia N8 and Nokia X6 and on the other hand, it is producing phones like Nokia C5. It is a traditional approach Nokia mobile.

This C Series phone from Nokia comes with an old keypad form below the screen. It has number 1 to 9 as in any other traditional model. This phone operates in Symbian S60 3rd edition which makes people feel coziness. This phone reminds of the mobile phone technologies seen in the beginning of the 2000’s.

This Nokia mobile looks elegant with its 2.2 inch TFT screen with QVGA resolution. This is the standard form of display found in this category of phones. It comes with decent accessories such as stereo headset, micro USB cable, a wall charger and 2GB micro SD expansion card. The phone has talk time of 720 minutes and standby time of phone is 630 hours. It has a secondary video camera for making video calls.

In looks, it has classic candy bar shape but without any frills. It has dimensions of 112x46x12,3 dimensions, weights 89 grams. It is sturdy in built except for the battery cover. Its memory card can be easily accessed by lifting its cover that is positioned in the right side. On the right side, it has volume keys and on the upper side, it has charging slot, the 3.5 mm audio jack and the microUSB port. On its back, it has stereo speakers and the objective of the 3.2 mega pixels photo camera. It has a Li-Ion 1050 mAh battery and the SIM slot. The SIM card can be removed by removing the battery.

Nokia C5 is equipped with an ARM11 600 MHZ processor which can easily provide power to the Symbian S60 9.3 Rel 3.2 platform. This is the latest generation operating software system for Nokia smart phones. Since this phone has only 50 MB of internal storage space, you should use external MicroSD cards.

Other features of this Nokia C5 phone include HSDPA connectivity, Bluetooth with A2DP profile, GPS receiver and FM Stereo radio. However, there is no Wi-Fi connectivity and accelerometer. At the same time, Nokia c5 price is cheaper than most other phones, thus we cannot blame this for lacking any feature.

You can read about Nokia C5 reviews online. If you want to purchase this phone, you can browse through the catalogues of many online mobile phone stores. You might be lucky to get some good deals.

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Sonic The Hedgehog (or Sonic 1) released in 1991 on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis if you’re living in America) set the foundation for one of the most endearing gaming franchises of all time that now 18 years on is still around. As one of the early games on the Mega Drive to really earn the console some kudos in it’s battle with the Nintendo system of the time and as Sega’s answer to Mario the blue hedgehog was one of the most important gaming characters of the 1990’s. Though Sega had been looking for a mascot for a while they settled on Sonic (though the title character from the late Mega Drive game “Ristar” had almost been picked as the character for this game). A blue hedgehog that was incredibly fast (“Super Sonic” of course meaning quicker than the speed of sound). With the protagonist sorted next came the antagonist who became a cross between an egg and Theodore Roosevelt (not sure why) who was called either Dr Robotnik or Dr Eggman (in Japan).

The games story revolves around Robotnik trying to collect the 6 Chaos Emeralds on South Island to rule the area and as part of his plan he turns all the animals there into little robots (Badniks) which act as Sonics general enemies through the game. As a result the game, as a platform game (in the Mario/Alex the Kidd type mould) sees the player controlling sonic as he races from left to right across the levels collecting rings and destroying badniks on the way. The rings pose multiple uses throughout the game but are generally to be see as the games collectables (like Coins in the Mario series and Notes in the Banjo and Kazooie games), when 100 have been held at any point the player is gifted an extra life and if 50 are held at the end of the level (acts 1 and 2 only) the player can jump into a bonus stage. They also act as a form of protection, as long as Sonic holds a ring he can take a hit from an enemy, though the rings he holds will be scattered and the player should rush to get as many of them as possible.

Starting with the title screen which at the time had the then trademark Sega ribbon ring and star design (as seen in Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy III) with Sonics face popping out. The green and blue background of the opening level visible behind Sonic setting the tone for the games starter. The game begins on what would be a Sonic staple, Green Hill Zone a tropical paradise with a picturesque skyline and a generally green theme to it all. All the further 2D Sonic games in the series (Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic amp; Knuckles) copied the idea to have a primarily green theme for their opening levels. The opening act (of 3) is simple and despite having a couple of routes through parts of it, they level is pretty linear and simple, though it is best known for loop-de-loops and speed tunnels throughout the entire zone. The following 2 acts are the same same sort of thing, simple with a rather easy learning curve allowing the player to know how to play before throwing them in at the deep end. The final boss of course is one of the most infamous and parodied battles in all of video games as Robotnik (making his first appearance) in a flying machine with a huge swinging ball hanging from the bottom. The player (as is the case through the game) much hit Robotniks machine 8 times to destroy it and pass onto the next level.

The following level is the Marble Zone a typical Lava level with lots of the red stuff acting as the main obstacle and moving platforms being a key to the players success. As well as the lava a lot of large medieval looking large spikes are spread through the level trying to damage the players chances of success. Although the Zone is only the second in the game it’s a large step up in difficulty from the previous one and is actually one of only a few lava levels in the entire series with the other being Lava Reef from Sonic and Knuckles (through the Game Gear version of Sonic 2 and a level from Sonic Spinball do both have levels with Lava neither of them are as far as I’m concerned in the same line). The level is designed to allow the game to slow down as the first level seems to be all about speed this is a much more cautious and means the player can’t go all speed no skill. The boss again is simple and easy to beat taking 8 hits to complete and help you to enter the next level.

The third Zone is Spring Yard Zone which is based on a casino type theme much like the Casino Night zone from Sonic 2, Carnival Night from Sonic 3 and the bonus stage from Sonic amp; Knuckles. With a Pinball feel underneath the Casino theme with bumpers, large springs and bouncing balls. The level is a vast step up in complexity when compared to the previous levels with secret areas and infact the second act in the zone has multiple ending locations (one of only 2 acts in all of the Sonic 2-D games to be like this). The final boss is again simple when you find him, though the level is quite easy to get lost in like Mystic Caves in the second game.

The fourth Zone is Labyrinth Zone which was the first water zone in a Sonic game and introduced the idea of air bubbles underwater, the water theme had been continued in the following two games in some form in Aquatic Ruins in Sonic 2 and Hydrocity Zone in Sonic 3. Though due to possible routes through them it’s almost possible to avoid water all together (except the boss battle at Act 1 of Hydrocity and the start of Act 2). The level is a significant increase in difficulty with act 3 being an infamously complex maze with a boss battle that sees the player not needing to hit Robotniks machine at all just merely follow it out of the level. For those interested in the map the level can be found as a PNG on

The following level wasn’t much easier as the game effectively found top gear was the Star Light zone an industrial level with a night based background the levels playable surface was a green colour and the level featured a vast array of obstacles. With things like saw blades and huge drops leading to the players death the level doesn’t contain many Badniks but a lot more level traps than some of the others. Though with all the traps the acts do again have vast amounts of routes through them from end to end where the play can often take a low or high route through the level with the Loop-de-loops again making a return from the starting level. The level also contain steps that move when the player jumps on them allowing the multiple routes to be explored which on act 3 include a triple loop-de-loop. The boss at the end sees Robotniks machine dropping little bombs at the player with see saws being used to launch them back at the evil innovator of silly machines.

The final three act Zone and the penultimate zone is the Scrap Brain zone, dubbed by the some of the Sega team involved in the game as Basement level of Robotiniks lair. The level is similar to the Labyrinth zone in that it’s effectively a giant maze like level that full of traps thankfully however the level doesn’t have the water that made it Labyrinth so difficult. Instead however the zone has saw blades, conveyor belts and other factory themed traps. At the end of the second act Robotnik sends Sonic back to the bottom meaning there is no final boss battle (the level leads straight into the Final Zone however). The third act however does bring back the dreaded water from the Labyrinth zone and is by far the most difficult level in the game despite the fact there is no boss battle. Though using glitches it is possible to skip almost the entire level as opposed to going through the whole maze like structure which despite having multiple (none glitched routes) is still a night mare. For those wanting to see how the glitch worked here’s a youtube video of it: NR;=1 (the Video is not mine though I’m fairly sure the creator, Spinballwizard will not mind the publicity of the link).

The Final zone sees the player having a rather easy battle with Robotnik in a piston like machine that after the Scrap Brain zone seems rather anti climatic and easy.

The game also features “special stages”, to get the chaos emeralds the player must finish a level with over 50 rings and jump through the giant ring at the end to enter these zones. A swirling maze which sees the player controlling the rotation of the screen more than Sonic as such and was similar to the casino themed special level in Sonic amp; Knuckles.

Along the way as well as rings the player will see lamp posts which are effectively “save” points for when the player dies (extremely useful later on in the game) restoring them to the same point as the post they ran past. There is also blue shields that protect the player from single hits, these have been a Sonic staple ever since through took on a dramatic change in Sonic 3 when elemental shields we’re brought in to replace them. Boxes containing 10 rings, extra lives and stars (invincibility) also pop up throughout the zones much to the players advantage, though the stars and shields do seem rare later one.

Though the graphics we’re simple, even for the Sega Mega Drives (especially when compared to the lush textures of Sonic 3 and Sonic amp; Knuckles) you have to remember this was really early in the machines life span. The programmers had been learning through out the development of the game and by the time the later levels we’re being put in place the developers had started to use ideas that they didn’t realise we’re even possible when they started. This obviously lead to advancements shown in the follow up games where the graphics got more complex and the almost monotone levels of this game we’re hugely improved up on. As in fact we’re the sounds which went from really simple to simple but yet catchy with the “hey” and “go” stylings that had Sonic 3 link with the Michael Jackson producers of the time.
Yes these could be seen as flaws but they we’re with out a doubt the foundations that one of the greatest 2D gaming series of all time was developed upon. Sadly the 3D Sonic games seem to have forgotten the magic and playability of these older games, instead using a poor control system and trying to do things they shouldn’t have bothered with. 3D platform games can work, look at the Mario games such Mario 64 or the Banjo and Kazooie series, the Rachet and Clank games or the Jak and Daxter series. Just a shame team Sonic can’t remember how to make great Sonic titles.

Overall a brilliant start to the Sonic series that was followed up by 3 brilliant titles in the same line (again I’m not including Spinball, Mean Bean Machine or the none Mega Drive games here) that really helped keep me, and many others entertained throughout the 90’s. A symbol of our childhood that saw Sega suddenly become one of the gaming powerhouses to rival Nintendo, of course this lead the fierce video game wars that have helped us to where we are now, and forced the Mario series to step up to the plate. Despite being a Sonic fan myself due to the speed and the multiple routes, the Mario games after the demise of the Mega Drive have definitely been the stronger of the two series. If Sega could replicate this sort of form again however, we may well see another magical game that will hold a generation of gamers under it’s spell.

Make no mistake, even though it consists of mostly men hovering around their computer and television screens, furiously mashing complex patterns of thumb taps into a controller and occasionally yelling out in dismay or euphoria, the video game community still has its own set of rules and rightly an unspoken code of etiquette. Those looking to firmly establishment themselves in the gaming community or merely looking to be accepted would be wise to take heed of the following list of do’s and don’ts.

Talking trashing is a privilege to those who can back it up. Even if you blatantly don’t like the guy (or gal) because of how much crap comes out of their mouth, there’s absolutely nothing you can do or say to them if you’re handing you your rear. Trash talking is a welcomed part of any competition, especially video games. Merely take a look at some of the Madden tournaments and you’d think you’re in the middle of a nasty divorce trial. Sometimes the level of ferocity might even teeter on the edge of a fight, but as long as the jerk who’s doing the talking is winning, the ball is in his court. Thus, the only way to shut up a trash talker is to beat them. Telling them to be quiet or telling them to shut up simply isn’t going to cut it if you’re losing 28-0 in the first quarter or you’ve been on the wrong end of three straight perfects. That said, if you’re in the middle of a Tekken fight and you and the opposing player have been going at it neck and neck, it doesn’t make any sense to spring out of your seat and throw everything in their face because you managed to pull off the victory. Not only will you be a jerk, but you can be sure that your reputation as one will move around quickly in your gaming area. On the other hand, if you merely congratulate the person on a good game, you could probably make a friend or a rival, so you’d always have someone to play against. Lesson here is, put your money where your mouth is-and try not to get your foot in there either.

This is my controller. Whether you place all of your hope in one controller that has carried you through the valley of the shadow of death or you simply can’t get used to something else, make sure no one touches it. However, if you’re one of the new people who simply don’t get the fascination with one controller and think they’re all the same, make sure you read this slowly. Do not touch anyone’s controller but your own. Besides the fact that you mind run into a fool who starts blaming everything on his controller (button jamming, stiffness), there are some people who simply just don’t want their property being touched. This goes beyond video game etiquette and most people will know this right off the bat, but then again there are always a few people who could use a refresher course on common sense. In the same token you should refrain from touching memory cards at all costs-a gamer losing over 200 hours of work is just not going to be a happy camper when they find out it was you.

Bring something to the table. Game does count, but on the off chance that you’re horrible at competitive games, then you’d best make your presence felt in another way besides being a punching bag. Bringing games is the most direct way to establish yourself in the circle besides being one of the top tier players, but there are other ways that don’t involve video games at all. If you’re lucky enough to be apart of a competitive gaming circle then you’ve probably already been apart of a 4-8 hour session. In those long sessions of ruining your eyesight hunger can usually be set aside for a certain time, but eventually everyone is going to need to eat and take a potty break. Pizza is usually a good idea because of how universal it is. Merely order a regular pizza or pepperoni and you’re bound to see some happy faces. Chinese on the order and is more complicated to order because you’ll have to ask everyone what they want and it can become pricey for a young gamer. Just remember: Gamers aren’t vampires, we have to eat too.

Please, unless you’re dying, don’t complain. Matches in any game can become so hotly contested that emotions are invoked and it becomes more than just a game. It happens, we’ve all been there with competition or frustration from broken game mechanics, but when you’re surrounded by your peers, it’s best to let it slide and compose yourself. Don’t start to suddenly blame your controller jamming or telling everyone around to shut up because they’re getting too loud. When you’re playing a competitive game around more gamers, you are in a hostile environment-don’t forget it. The more you whine the more they’ll strip you of your manhood (or womanhood). In fact, the hecklers do enjoy letting someone know just how bad they’re being beaten. When it comes down to that, you’re basically an NBA player at the free throw line or a NFL kicker lining up for a crucial field goal, you have to block them out. Then again, razor sharp wit has been known to quiet the loudest and meanest of hecklers.

Try to have fun. If you’re the new guy, sure you’re in a hostile environment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. You’re there first and foremost to play video games, so rarely should it become a chore for you to do. If you’re light and causal you’ll be more accessible to the people around you and there won’t be that awkward period from newbie to regular. It also doesn’t hurt to bring some kill to the equation before you dive head first into the world or inner circle of competitive gaming.

Ubisoft announced today that it is creating a new Tom Clancy gaming franchise, EndWar.
The new game, described as a war strategy game, is currently being created at Ubisoft Shanghai. The game will go in a different direction from other Tom Clancy games. The game will be a strategy game set during World War III.

This is expected to be the same war that gave other Clancy games their plots such as Splinter Cell Double Agent, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. The same game producers that created these games will also create EndWar.

Other details are unknown, such as whether the game will be turn-based or real time. Games can expect, however, to control large armies, and there is expected to be online play.

“A game like no other,EndWar will allow gamers to lead their own armies against hundreds of others online in real global locations on the massive battlefields of World War III,” said Serge Hascoet, chief creative officer at Ubisoft.

The announcement does come as no surprise, as Ubisoft launched a teaser website about the game earlier in the month. The site said there was a new game in the Tom Clancy franchise and gave small bits of audio detailing parts of the game.

The story for the game is set on the battlefields of World War III. The game is expected to push next-gen console technology with such features as advanced artificial intelligence, graphics, animatnions, and physics that weren’t previously possible. EndWar is being created specifically with next-gen consoles in mind.

Tom Clancy EndWar is expected to be released on next-gen consoles such as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and will be released no later than March 2008.

Tom Clancy video games have been among the best-selling since they were introduced. The gaming franchise has sold over 45 million copies worldwide.

The franchise also has its share of award winners. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas was named Best First Person Action Game of the Year by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences in 2006. In addition, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter was named Best Video Game of the year in the BAFTA awards.


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Welcome to Halo Wars. In this game you will be playing as either the UNSC Marines or the Covenant with the intent on blowing the other team(s) back to where they came from. To do this you’ll create bases, infantry and vehicles and upgrade them while you play. If you’ve played a real time strategy game before such as Red Alert or Star Craft then you’ll be right at home with most of the mechanics of this type of game.
Ensemble has done a nice job with the controls to make them as easy as possible with a controller as opposed to a mouse and keyboard. This includes shifting the map with the two analogs sticks for panning, zooming and turning. Unit selection is done with A with Shift Clicks taken care of by holding down A which creates a circle that will select nearby units. A quick tap of the Left Bumper button selects all units on the screen, a right bumper tap will take the selection off. The X button is used to fire/move and the Y button is used for special attacks. In the case of a warthog for instance, the Y button is used for ramming infantry, for infantry, the Y button will toss grenades. The directional pad is used to do things like move directly to the last fight location, zero in your main character or return to your base.

Perhaps one of the coolest control features is the automatic selection, get close to a unit with your targeting reticule and it will “stick” to a unit. The map then begins to auto-pan with the unit if you’ve told it to move somewhere. Speaking of the map, the typical fog of war is also there to be seen. You have to explore the map to uncover all of it and remaining units will spot enemy units for you. If the units are destroyed then you lose the ability to see what’s happening in that portion of the map. Another interesting feature is the radial menu when you click on a structure in your home base. For instance, when clicking on your barracks you push the left stick in one of 8 directions (depending on your research tree) to make decisions about what to do with the barracks such as upgrade units or build infantry. In other examples you might be able to upgrade a supply depot to hold more supplies or upgrade your reactors to increase unit strenghts.

The demo includes three separate modes of play. A tutorial that consists of basic and advanced modes giving you an overview of the controls and also a brief stint at controlling the covenant forces. For the majority of this demo you will be playing as the UNSC marines. There is also a campaign mode and a skirmish mode. The campaign consists of two full levels from the beginning of the full game along with their cut scenes to get you into the story. The skirmish mode is a taste of “instant battle’ where you can go one on one with a covenant commander controlled by the CPU on one map.

The meat of the demo is indeed in the campaign mode. Here you begin to understand that you are actually twenty years prior to the first Halo experience. A planet has been hostile for quite some time and the covenant are interested in a relic that they need techology from. There are elements of the story that are very interesting here including a few relationships that will hopefully play out in the full game but the main characters appear to be a captain, a ground grunt and a female scientist. By the time the campaign is over you’ll realize that the covenant were able to get the technology they needed from the relic site and something much bigger is to come in the full game. Exactly what a demo should provide!

So is there really anything new to this or is it just another real time strategy game? Well, for starters, it’s in the Halo universe and there are many people, like me, who will buy it just for that reason alone. It is a quality game though. The graphics in both the cut scenes and the gameplay are very clean. They might not be the best I’ve ever seen on the 360 but this type of game doesn’t necesarily need that level of perfection. In the end I believe that the game will be worth buying for the price of admission to the single player campaign. I WANT to know more about the Halo universe and I will pay to play. However, the real payoff will be in multiplayer over Xbox live and that’s not something that we can experience in the demo.

All told this Demo is completely worth 1.4 Gigabytes of Hard Drive space and about two hours or more of your time to investigate. It’s probably not enough to keep you busy until the release of the full game but it is certainly enough to get you excited about its inevitible release. Until then, happy hunting for skulls.

Clash royale is the most popular game across the world because it is developed and published by Supercell. It is the freemium game so players no need to spend their money for basic gameplay but if you are looking to play additional game features then you have to spend your real world currency. But most of the people are not ready to spend their money for game so they hack clash royale. Most of the sites are providing this tool for free of cost so anyone can use this hack tool. If you are choosing the best hack tool then you can get plenty of benefits so choose the best one.

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Nowadays, there is a lot of fan followings and regular players available for the hay day farming game on the mobile gaming environment. Everyone can able to get the most exciting and interesting game play when you have selected this hay day on your mobile device. It is not difficult to play this game because it contains only the simple and exciting game play. Even the beginners can also easily understand the game play and simply play the different levels of the hay day farming game. For earning unlimited resources, everyone is advised using hay day hack online.

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Supercell is the official developer of this hay day farming game and it also released this game throughout the world for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. By this way, this hay day gaming app is greatly compatible with all types of android smart phones & tablets and also Apple iphones & ipads. The players of the hay day farming game can able to experience the following new features in this excellent range of game from the Supercell. They include,

  • Bud & crash fixes
  • Rose will not feed animals unless necessary


The hay day game players can find these two new updates in the latest version of the hay day gaming app found on the web platforms. The following are the previous updates found in both the previous version and new version of hay day app. Such previous updates include,

  • Welcome the new neighbors, Ernest and rose.
  • Rose tends to the animals of the players and Ernest keeps the sugar and dairy maker running.
  • These gaming characters help you in farming when you are away.
  • Both Ernest and rose come with their very own and unique storage space.

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